Gypsy soul

“Las distancias no son tan grandes porque la música viaja más rápido de lo que pensamos”

Gypsy Soul is, above all, a photojournalism book. Determined to explore and reveal a new way to experience music and life, I took off, three years ago, on a journey around the world, to photograph diverse gypsy communities whose nexus was their passion for music. Along the way, I uncovered extraordinary authenticity; lives held together with guitar strings or built from the metal of trumpet, devoted to dancing around the fire and narrated with the oldest voice, passed down from parents to their children, grandparents to their grandchildren. I also discovered the intense pain born of marginalization and persecution.

Spain, France, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece… all the way to India, this book is steeped in the elegance of the French Manouche ,gypsies, the joy of Balkan fanfares and endless weddings, the warmth of the guitars on the streets of Istanbul, the ancient echoes of the gypsy tribes in Rajasthan, and the flight of a flamenco skirt… Through these photos, we can truly feel the crackling soul in the fire, encounter the expression of a people, and gain a deeper understanding of those so close to us, that we often fail to see them.