jordi oliver

Jordi Oliver began his career as a photographer at the beginning of the 1990s recording the harsh social conditions of the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. In 1993 his work as a documentary photographer in Barcelona’s Barrio Chino was rewarded with a Fotopres scholarship from the La Caixa Foundation, and this enabled him to obtain the Master in Photojournalism from the International Center of Photography in New York. Since then his career has moved towards the photography of social denouncement. In fact, in 2004 he obtained a second Fotopres grant, , this time for his own particular portrait of the economic and social crisis in Argentina during the Corralito with Recuperemos el Trueke (Back to Bartering).

However, while continuing to explore new artistic ground focussing on the social issues which he is passionate about, in 2000 Jordi took the Master in Creative Documentary in Creative Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University. Since then he has combined work in film and photography, making documentaries such as Despertar (2001), Se Trancó el Domino (2003) set in Havana, Dones de Terra Endins (2006), African Request (2007), and he worked with Joaquín Jordá De Niños (2001). His latest venture as a producer is Resistirse a Olvidar, in which he uses photography as a therapy to help patients with Alzheimer’s disease to retain their memories.

His photographs are regularly published in the international and spanish press like THE GUARDIAN, EL PAIS,, EL MUNDO,, LA VANGUARDIA, EL PERIODICO ,he has received numerous awards including the Tahití y sus Letras Prize (2009 for the best published travel article) and in the advertising festivals in Cannes and San Sebastián, the FNAC- El País award and the Laus award for Advertising Graphics of the Liceu Theatre, among others.

He currently combines photographic workshops and conferences with his two latest long term projects, Women of the Earth and Gypsy soul a project that aims to document the life and migration of Gypsy musicians from Turkey, India, Balkans, Romania, France and Spain.


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